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First and foremost, I'd like to thank my day one fans and supporters. Without you there would be NO me. I would like to thank my team. You went above and beyond to make sure everything was the way I visioned. I would like to thank Def Jam for all your support. Every Dj that played the recs. Even the street team that held the posters. Every promoter that brought me to your city. I would like to thank every producer that was a part of this Album to the person that mixed it. Every radio rep that hit stations wit me! Thank Avion Tequila.. LAST BUT NOT LEAST THANK YOU TO THE STREETS FOR SUPPORTING ONE OF YOUR OWN!! Ain't no fan like a Jeezy fan that Ride or Die in real Life. Congratulations because you earned this just as much as I did !!! Never stop grinding, Never stop believing in you!!! To Them it Might Be #1 Album in the country, but to me it's Point and Case!! NEVER SETTLE!! We AINT GONE NEVER LOOSE!!! Thank GOD!! #TD3 #SnowSeason Otw!!



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